The time when she speaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only time, when my mind stop working
Nothing to think, nothing to speak
Minute like a week, don’t wanna to do anything
Just wanna to listen her, and take my breaths.

Whatever the weather, cold or warm
I can admire her charm
But when she speaks, at that time
Feel like, I’m in haven
Doesn’t matter the time or place
She has that much grace.

When she speaks, I’m in my dreams
Where, rainbows are dancing
Clouds are singing, Sun playing guitar
Moon with drums,
No difference between flowers and stars
Everyone has own bottle of rum,
Birds are on the floor, fishes jumping on sea shore
Trees playing cards and fighting for score
Rocks with wings, flying
Chasing angels to flirt with them
Only some not everyone
Others are having guns, wanna to kill someone.
The time I enjoy when she speaks
Never listen her, just smile.
But meanwhile, she says bye
I feel like cry, sometimes I want to die
That's the only lie..hmmm, seriously I'm not going to die. 
But after some time everything become normal
Except flowers and stars, they are drunk
And flying rocks those having guns,
They always want to kill me in real,
The only reason I run from my dream.
But I know, she will again say me “hi”
And one another “bye”
But that’s the life……………….:)
(thank-you for reading…………………:)


  1. Great, this piece is unique and not at all like others. Very good.

  2. Thank-you Miss Lego......:)

  3. this piece reminds of a great feeling of being inlove ... I love the imagery portray and the wordings wow.. truly capture the heart whoever read this.... It is good read this X'mas season... merry X'mas ... :-)

  4. Thank-you "Will Of Heart" for leaving some beautiful words for my stupid type feelings.....:)
    Merry X'mas and Happy New Year.

  5. one thing I really like about your writing is it's spontaneity, it's flow..very natural feelings in simple words ! :)

  6. Thankx a lot Kitty for leaving such a nice comment.......:
    Merry X'mas and Happy New Year.

  7. wow so romantic.........grt poetry

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  8. thank-you Mr. Saikat.........:)

  9. so lovely.. I like it! :) Thanks for sharing us your piece..:) Happy holidays! :) Keep sharing more! :)

  10. thank-you Sagittarian............:)
    Happy Holidays You 2.

  11. absolutely amazing poetry, dear friend. keep it up. lovely.

  12. Thank-you Samrat for leaving a nice comment..........:)