I Feel Like a Caged Bird !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whenever I look up at sky,
I always see a bird flying.
In that moment of time,
I always want to mime.

In life, there comes some moments,
When I want to fly.
Like a bird who sways high,
Whenever I look up at sky.

At day, tries hard to feed,
But gets esteem for it’s deed.
At night, sleeps very tight,
Getting ready for it’s next flight.

When a bird comes in sight,
In the cloudy surface of white.
Want to write my destiny alike,
Free from worldly pains that strike.

I feel like caged in day-to-day life,
While seeing a bird up at the sky.
Bound to the real life that strife,
Want to touch skyline with rife.

Whenever I look up at sky,
I always see a bird flying.
In that moment of time,
I always want to mime.


Waiting, Still Waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will wait, till the date,
When you start to hate
Or I will wait, till the date,
When I will faint.

Days turned into weeks,
Weeks turned into months
Or maybe months turn into years,
But I will wait.

I know, you will never change 
And things, I can’t rearrange,
It’s my stupidity to explain,
But feelings are so strange.

Never thought I don’t like you,
Never thought I move on,
I just want to tell you,
My feelings are so strong.

I am scared in case I’m wrong
But I will wait until I can wait
I will wait in the haven or may be in the hell
But I will wait.

I will wait forever, for all eternity
And you will never find alike me,
If I found someone else 
In that case don’t worry
I will stop wait…………….:) 


What’s the day or What’s the Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s the day or what’s the Night
No difference, I’m in the dark or light,
Whenever you are in my mind
I feel like, I’m blind.

Every day I miss you more
More than yesterday,
The time I spend with you
Like a dream come true.

I cherish every moment with you
Everything you do,
You are not here with me
Life is like, I lost its key.

In the darkness, you are my candle
Your aroma is like wood sandal,
You are my flu
I can’t imagine life without you.

You are so kind
But after that there are a lot of fights
No one knows, who’s right
But usually I’m
And you always realize
Then you cry
That time I wanna to die
As always it just a lie
And I try my best to make you smile……………..:)

Last time when “I” saw her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starry skies up and high,

She walked straight away and didn’t smile
But so eloquent, calm and shy.
Somehow I controlled my emotions and gaze
But I couldn’t stop my soul to fly.
Soft light on her face,
Sweet, sober and looked nice.
My heart skipped some beats,
Mind denied,
But I really wanted to say a simple “hi”.
I couldn’t take away my view,
And wanted time to stop,
But at last I convinced me with lie.
My legs refused to walk,
I wanted to talk,
But she just walked and crossed,
I couldn’t say anything about her
But I smiled……. :)
Same, starry skies up and high,
And telling me bye-bye.
(thank-you for reading……………….:)