Poem: My shadow has only one friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

No one cares my shadow, only I
On the same day, both of us die,
We are together but alone
It’s our biggest groan.

On lonely streets we are together
No one cares about weather,
As I have, it has same arc
But don’t know why
It disappears in the dark.

In afternoon, it has heavy shade
But in evening, it fades,
For that reason
I want to fight with sun
But don’t know, why? It always runs.

I don’t remember, when first time we met
Form each other nothing we get,
But after that we both are in huge debt.
This situation I really hate
But it’s our fate.
(thank-you for reading…………………..:)


  1. as always I love this piece great poem.... :-)

  2. thankx for your nice words in the comment...:)