The time when she speaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only time, when my mind stop working
Nothing to think, nothing to speak
Minute like a week, don’t wanna to do anything
Just wanna to listen her, and take my breaths.

Whatever the weather, cold or warm
I can admire her charm
But when she speaks, at that time
Feel like, I’m in haven
Doesn’t matter the time or place
She has that much grace.

When she speaks, I’m in my dreams
Where, rainbows are dancing
Clouds are singing, Sun playing guitar
Moon with drums,
No difference between flowers and stars
Everyone has own bottle of rum,
Birds are on the floor, fishes jumping on sea shore
Trees playing cards and fighting for score
Rocks with wings, flying
Chasing angels to flirt with them
Only some not everyone
Others are having guns, wanna to kill someone.
The time I enjoy when she speaks
Never listen her, just smile.
But meanwhile, she says bye
I feel like cry, sometimes I want to die
That's the only lie..hmmm, seriously I'm not going to die. 
But after some time everything become normal
Except flowers and stars, they are drunk
And flying rocks those having guns,
They always want to kill me in real,
The only reason I run from my dream.
But I know, she will again say me “hi”
And one another “bye”
But that’s the life……………….:)
(thank-you for reading…………………:)


I try my best to write!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll try my best to write
But don’t find anything right,
Life is like night
Wanna to find some light.

Everything is unknown
I’m waking in that zone,
You show, your heart is like stone
But I don’t wanna to leave you alone.

I might have to wait
I know, it’s not too late,
I can become a soul mate
That’s the reason I’m straight.

The truth, I tell you everyday
Don’t know any other way,
It’s really not a play
That I’ll always say.

Just for your smile
I try something dumb to do,
I said a lot of things
But believe me all are true.
(thank-you for reading............................:)


Poem: My shadow has only one friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

No one cares my shadow, only I
On the same day, both of us die,
We are together but alone
It’s our biggest groan.

On lonely streets we are together
No one cares about weather,
As I have, it has same arc
But don’t know why
It disappears in the dark.

In afternoon, it has heavy shade
But in evening, it fades,
For that reason
I want to fight with sun
But don’t know, why? It always runs.

I don’t remember, when first time we met
Form each other nothing we get,
But after that we both are in huge debt.
This situation I really hate
But it’s our fate.
(thank-you for reading…………………..:)


Poem: My dreams only for you!!!!!!!!

Moon is just a pendant in your neck
Clouds are like your attendants
And you are such a resplendent.

Night stars do shine
In my dreams you are mine
This is the sign
That I’m alive and fine.

How? How? How?
You look alike a gold
I want you to hold
You can’t say I’m bold
It’s the effect of cold.

My dreams are only for you
I don’t have any clue
When you became my glue
I’ll file a sue
In the court of God
Because I know I’m true
It’s a request
Please clear with me your due
Say I Love you…………..:)
(thank-you for reading.....................:)


I’m not looking for another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many words left unspoken
Kills me inside
But I nerve broken.
I have two paths to walk
Want to talk
And will choose one route.
Emptiness fills my heart
It’s just a start
And will become my life’s part.
It’s not the right way
Missing a ray
And my trust will sway.
If you want to say last goodbye
Doesn’t consider my sorrow
But will tell me the reason, why?
I’m not looking for another
It’s only you
But we can’t walk further
just because of you.
(thank-you for reading......................:)


Feel you missing....but I'll kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s the reason, I always feel you missing - don’t know.
What’s the reason, I always cry for you - don’t know.
Whenever you crossed my mind, it makes me to smile; why - don’t know.
What’s the reason, I always feel restless - don’t know.
What’s the reason, I always feel you around me - don’t know.
Whenever I think about you, it makes me relax; why - don’t know.
What’s the reason, I always feel alive with you - don’t know.
What’s the reason, I always feel need you - don’t know.
Whenever you fill my empty heart, it makes me strong; why - don’t know.
But these are not the problems of my life, the biggest problem is,
I don’t know who are you?
The day I’ll meet with you, definitely kill you for wasting so much time of my life.
(what a ______ thought, hahahaha...)
(thank-you for reading………..:)

Maine ki koshihs dil se,lekin wo reh gai adhuri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maine Ki koshish tere bare me do alfaaj likhne ki,
Maine ki koshish tere bare me kuch khyaal likhne ki,
To Kabhi mujhe wo alfaaj na mile to kabhi wo khyaal.
Maine ki koshish tere bare me do baate likhen ki,
Maine ki koshish tere khyalo me gujri wo raate likhne ki,
To kabhi mujhe wo baate na mili to kabhi wo raate.
Maine ki koshish tere bare me ek kvita likhne ki,
Maine ki koshish tere bare me ek geet likhne ki.
To kabhi mujhse wo kvita na bani to kabhi wo geet.
Maine ki koshish mere aansuo ko ek mukaam dene ki,
Maine ki koshish mere zazbaato ko ek pehchhan dene ki,
To kabhi wo mukaam na mila to kabhi wo pehchhan.
Maine ki koshish dil se puri, ab meri kya galti ki wo reh gai adhuri,
Tu to hai apne me hee puri, lekin bin tere meri zindgi kyon hai adhuri?
(thank-you for reading……….:)


Life Life Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is a struggle; Life is a fight till we don’t get our right.
Life has an upside; Life has a down side till we don’t get shine.
Life is a race; Life is a rage till we don’t get some courage.
Life has a goal; Life has an aim till we don’t get our claim.
Life is a job; Life is duty till we don’t get some beauty.
Life has few seconds; Life has few minutes till we don’t get beautiful moments.
Life is a month; Life is a year till we don’t get our dear.
Life is everything but everything is not life so be happy and enjoy your life.
(thank-you for reading……….:)