What’s the day or What’s the Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s the day or what’s the Night
No difference, I’m in the dark or light,
Whenever you are in my mind
I feel like, I’m blind.

Every day I miss you more
More than yesterday,
The time I spend with you
Like a dream come true.

I cherish every moment with you
Everything you do,
You are not here with me
Life is like, I lost its key.

In the darkness, you are my candle
Your aroma is like wood sandal,
You are my flu
I can’t imagine life without you.

You are so kind
But after that there are a lot of fights
No one knows, who’s right
But usually I’m
And you always realize
Then you cry
That time I wanna to die
As always it just a lie
And I try my best to make you smile……………..:)

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