Waiting, Still Waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will wait, till the date,
When you start to hate
Or I will wait, till the date,
When I will faint.

Days turned into weeks,
Weeks turned into months
Or maybe months turn into years,
But I will wait.

I know, you will never change 
And things, I can’t rearrange,
It’s my stupidity to explain,
But feelings are so strange.

Never thought I don’t like you,
Never thought I move on,
I just want to tell you,
My feelings are so strong.

I am scared in case I’m wrong
But I will wait until I can wait
I will wait in the haven or may be in the hell
But I will wait.

I will wait forever, for all eternity
And you will never find alike me,
If I found someone else 
In that case don’t worry
I will stop wait…………….:) 

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  1. Hello Blog master, your poetry is as cool and nice as your blog template.

    Hearty Congratulations.... Like it so much...