Last time when “I” saw her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starry skies up and high,

She walked straight away and didn’t smile
But so eloquent, calm and shy.
Somehow I controlled my emotions and gaze
But I couldn’t stop my soul to fly.
Soft light on her face,
Sweet, sober and looked nice.
My heart skipped some beats,
Mind denied,
But I really wanted to say a simple “hi”.
I couldn’t take away my view,
And wanted time to stop,
But at last I convinced me with lie.
My legs refused to walk,
I wanted to talk,
But she just walked and crossed,
I couldn’t say anything about her
But I smiled……. :)
Same, starry skies up and high,
And telling me bye-bye.
(thank-you for reading……………….:)


  1. wow, lines are really superb and so deep... may I ask why not unfold? ... :-)

  2. @Will Of Heart...
    I just saw her for fraction of seconds........:)

  3. Thankx Garima>>>>>>>>>>>:)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank-you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You are quite a poet! Wow!