I try my best to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I try my best to die
I jumped from high
Into the water
But I realize after an hour and quarter
I can swim,
With my wet eyes
(Because of water, I never cry)
I really want another try.

I try my best to die
I know I can’t fly,
I jumped from the plane
But after few minutes, I realize,
A beautiful air hostage gave me a Parachute,
So, how could I deny???
I used that Parachute to save my life
But now I want another try.

I try my best to die,
I used my excellent brain
And jumped in front of the train
But I didn’t realize, just because of rain
It’s a stopped train,
I filed a complain
About the stopped train,
Now I have to find another way to die once again.

I try my best to die,
10 feet long rope, I buy
And said to the world my last bye
But after an hour I realize
I never learn how to tie,
That’s the tragedy of my life
I wanna to die
But I have to attempt another try.

I try my best to die,
I decided to make an accident
For that I took a car on rent
I hit my car to the truck
But it’s my big bad luck
Because it’s a toy truck
And I just crushed,
Now I have to take another try.

I try my best to die…
Are you gonna mad, I tried a lot
That’s way, I thought
I will find some another one
Or may be none
But from life, I will never run
You Go to heaven and have some fun…………:)
(thank-you for reading…………………………………………..:)


  1. Another WOW ! :)

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  3. oh..LOL... I love it!!:) Next time you try, ask me how, and I will help you then!! LOL.. Just kidding!:) Thanks a lot this is sooooooooo cool!!:) Thumbs up!!:)

  4. Thankx "Sagittarian" next time I'll ask you..How?? But just ask you not do..hmmm...LOL.......:)

  5. hahahaha..... I really really love this poem, you have the power to transforms words into highest level that truly entertain your reader, good job my friend, this is brilliant....

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  11. Awesome poem. I like the layout of your blog. Nice :)

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  13. i just lovvvdddd it.... Superb writng.,just perfect...