Universe: Light vs. Darkness!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes I think; the counting of shining stars are more or darkness is more in the whole universe.
I know that, no one can answer me that Question. At-least he/she doesn’t exist on the Earth.
But may be both having 50%-50% proportion or we can say 1:1 ratio, because we know that after every dark night we see new morning – where light goes stronger over darkness  but again in the evening darkness win over light.
But what’s the truth no one knows.
And I also having a second thought- where light is more than darkness, because we are alive and enjoying every moment of our life on the earth. We also love to see happy others, when they smile – it doesn’t matter we are in the darkness or in the light, at that time everything is shining.
But the problem is mind never stops thinking and make a new thought – where darkness wins over light because we die.
I will never find out that answer that sure but don’t know about you.
(thank-you for reading…..:)


  1. I think darkness is more than the counting of shining stars in the universe... but who cares ! Both have its own importance - Stars are like a ray of hope, a guiding force, beauty of the sky ! We shouldn't forget that a pinch of salt is enough for the same way stars presence signifies the sky. So importance of stars are more even if it is less in count! But at the same time we can't deny the importance of darkness - without its presence we can't feel the importance and beauty of stars. They look more beautiful and meaningful in the presence of darkness only.

    Oh ! My comment is worse than a hangover (lol). I gone with the flow. Your post so elated me to write so much ! :)

    Nice post ! :)

  2. thank-you for shearing your views......:)